Friday, January 30, 2009


This week in class, there's been quite a bit of discussion concerning roles that the media creates based on sex. The video that we watched this week concerning male imagery in the media was very eye opening. It was very interesting how much media played a role in creating the ideal image for males.
As an avid sports fan, I found it interesting how they mentioned that being disrespectful or acting macho toward your opponent was categorized as poor sportsmanship. Although I agree that sportsmanship should govern behavior in all facets of a game, I don't know if I agree with overall politeness being in the forefront. I don't consider intensity a negative aspect of sports. Every person that takes on an opponent trains tirelessly to be better than his competition.
I believe there should be a distinct difference between game time and normal time. Off the field, I appreciate the likes of a Mark McGwire that has the ability to show emotion, but I can guarantee that if Mr. McGwire was on first base and a runner was heading straight for him, he wouldn't graciously excuse himself and allow the opponent to run through.
The mentality to focus on the win comes at high costs, but character, in my opinion shouldn't be questioned when a player points at another player or does something that proves that at that moment he was the better man.
Don't go crazy replying that I'm a poor sport and that I lack sportsmanship. I don't like taunting or anything of the sort, but I love the emotion in a game. I love the oppurtunity to beat someone that has beaten me. I hate to lose, therefore when I play, I try my damndest not too. (At anyones expense.) And for the record, female athletes are way more intense!!!

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  1. I think passion, hard work, excitment, and enjoyment are sometimes mislead to believe it's actually taunting. Taunting is meant as a way to show the other person up. As a basketball/baseball official, I see this first hand. You can see it in a players reaction, both good and bad, the emotions they get from running a good play to really screwing it up.

    Oh and women being more passionate out on the basketball floor, I gotta disagree with that one.