Friday, January 23, 2009

Red, White and Blue Day!!

This past Tuesday, we officially welcomed a new era in our countries history. There was definitely a buzz everywhere. For my daughters elementary school, they had "Red, White, and Blue Day" to commemorate the election.

The kids were taught the importance of the day. Although it is exciting to be a part of history, especially in civil rights, there is still something to be appreciated when we keep things simple. Do we think maybe the media generates issues that we put into our minds? My daughter learned that Barrack Obama was our new President, not whether or not he was black or white. As exciting as the days events were, I couldn't quite get a feel for the media portrayal.

Somethings stood out to me that made me question media portrayal. When we watch all the pomp and circumstance, there was a lot of celebrities that performed for the President. Many of the acts were Rap and R&B artists. I wondered if the media used that genre because of the new President's preference, or to appeal to the obvious African-American audience.

I can't remember, so maybe I'm looking for input, but was there this much hype in previous inaugurations? Race aside, were previous inaugurations given the same exciting reporting that helped build the celebrations this year? What were we truly celebrating? The inauguration of a black man? or The inauguration of our new President? If both, which one was more important to you?

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  1. Hey Ron! Thanks for your supportive comment on my blog- I appreciate it! I think you are dead on with your suspicions here and I do believe that this was the most expensive inauguration in history. If race weren't an issue why the big to do? Isn't being elected president of the most powerful nation in the free world a pretty big accomplishment for all?

    I couldn't and didn't watch any of it. When all the celebs get involved it makes me feel like I am having it shoved down my throat. Media and being in it is a celebrity's job and they have people to advise them and they know the power behind their appearance and words.

    I wish they had had enough decency not to start the party until after Bush left- and it would've been nice if they hadn't booed him too.