Friday, February 6, 2009

Best seats in the house.

I had a conversation with a friend that reminded me of how stereotypes just enter common conversation sometimes without us even noticing. We went to an NBA basketball game and he was looking around and he said "Black people always have the best seats in the house...court side!" I laughed when he said that, because on the floor, all 10 players were black. On the bench, there were a total of 6 white players combined on both teams. It's statistics like these that allow 2 stereotypes...all black people excel in basketball, and white men can't jump. Because of the extreme stereotype of blacks and basketball, it leads to the phenomenon of when a white person excels in basketball, he receives street credibility, leaning more toward a black identification. There are great athletes in all races, but it's just interesting how we react when those stereotypes are broken. For example how we are sometimes surprised when a black man can't play basketball, or we're amazed when a white man can. One things for sure I can't, and it has nothing to do with my race!!

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