Friday, March 13, 2009

Merchants of Cool

In 1999, the teen industry was responsible for billions of dollars in spending, and that doesn't even include the billions of dollars that they get their parents to spend on them. It was interesting how MTV was deemed as a continuous channel of advertisements to appeal to teens. From the commercials for products, to the music videos that are also an elusive way of advertising music.
It's funny how a marketing agency that targets teens charges thousands upon thousands of dollars to be privy to their pictures. Their motive is to show what's cool before it becomes mainstream. Why? Because as soon as it becomes mainstream, it's not cool. It's a crazy scenario. The marketing that makes something cool is the same thing that kills it.
In a target group with 5 teens, each boy was paid $150 to participate in a focus group to help determine the next trigger for a multi million dollar marketing campaign. Yep, that's not a typo...a whopping $150. All of that money just to contribute to the million dollar campaign they probably helped discover.


  1. The interesting thing is what is going to be the next "hip and cool" thing. And whatever they decide usually works for teens. Young people are young and dumb and are willing to pay big money to have a brand name.

  2. Teens are the future and right now they have mom and dads money. The marketing industry are geniuses. They know who to sell a product to and they know what they will like. It seems wrong that they use these young kids in focus groups but it seems like that is what the teens are wanting. Everyone has a good idea and these marketers are allowing these young people to voice thier ideas. It is funny because some us will be working in this industry one day and some of us may be the ones to hold the next focus group.