Friday, March 6, 2009

Corporate Control

Today in class we looked at some of the big players in the media industry. It was very interesting to notice how the big names (AOL, Viacom, Disney, etc...) control so much more than just media airwaves and television stations. Their ownership extends into products, amusement parks, sports teams, and restaurants just to name a very few. The concept that intrigues me is the correlation between advertisements money and the big wigs that pump out the ads. Is there really much room to complain about the false light of advertising when the corporations are the ones that are putting out the images. I wonder because it seems more evident to me than ever that they are protecting their own interests. It was never really a doubt to me before that public interest took a back seat to financial interests, but after learning how many conglomerates were involved in one corporation, it is now more obvious how one ingredient affects the recipe of so many more dishes.

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  1. I use to be such a lover of Disney, but after seeing how the dominate the structure of media it really makes me feel a bittersweet attitude towards them. Reason being is because they produce such great wholesome movies and then they turn around with the corporate big brother they are and dominate with other media avenues. Very interesting, very interesting....